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People Love our Workshops!

It's Delicious!

I highly recommend Exogourmet to everyone!
It’s different delicious food!
Mariama has a creative menu that exceeded all expectations.
The food is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted… absolutely fell in love with her Jollof Rice.
I am certain her cooking workshops will be something you will enjoy and learn a thing or two about healthy exotic meals!     ~Rachel

Exceptional Food!

A successful event with exceptional food & great company. The ambiance was extraordinary and well planned. Thank you for the invite & I look forward tom many more.

Thank you & merci!    ~Dora Dalietos

I Fell IN Love with Your Food.

Mariama, that was delicious! I fell in love with your food just by looking at your website! When I tasted it, I was not disappointed. It’s so unique tasting and filling; and to know that it’s all vegetarian is amazing. The rice was my favourite. Well balanced flavour all around. And the crispy golden fries! Thank you!  ~Omar

Simply Amazing Food!

Exogourmet food is simply amazing! I have discovered tastes that I didn’t know even existed. Mariama has the talent and inspiration needed to exploit the flavours of various ingredients (mostly superfood) to create a delightfull dish. I had the pleasure to taste her urucum rice, the african vegetarian pastel and eggplant meli-melo.

Can’t wait to try more!    ~Pierre